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De-Installation, Packaging, Removal, and Transportation of IT Assets. Certificate of Diversion / Recycling provided.

This service provides you with no hassle, no heavy lifting, no labor or lack of manpower, free of charge.

Brokering & liquidation of IT Assets. With our asset network we can offer a competitive quote for reusable assets, generally within 72 hours of inventorying.

This service gives you a free quote and an idea of market value. SalRad retains 10% of sale if gone through SalRads’ service.

Data destruction and responsible recycling of IT Assets. Serialization, data destruction and certificate of destruction provided.

Fee Based Service. In accordance with FACTA, FIPS, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, and NIST.

Subscribe for the Network Valuation software. Track your IT Assets. Know when it is the right time to sell off Assets before all value is lost.

Emergency services, recovery and relocation of IT Assets. If the need arises and an IT Asset needs de-installation and relocation. SalRad’s experienced and professional team will show up on-site, de-install, package, and ship IT equipment usually on the same day of arrival. Ensuring the safe transportation, and relocation, of your IT assets.

Fee based service.

Plans are in the works for on-site hard drive shredding at our future collection events. At this time hard drives are destroyed off-site with internet viewing.

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